We’re building the largest intermicronational internet organization, providing a shared alternative DNS root any micronation can join. Read on to learn more about our initiative and partner with us today!

Who We Are

NationDNS is an independent project developed to provide a unified internet service that can be used by any micronation. This is a neutral organization and is not affiliated or registered as a business within any micronation. Our business operations are located in the United States of America.

We feel that ICANN is a monopolistic organization that keeps too high a barrier to new entrants. Our mission is to allow any micronation to develop and use their own Top-Level Domain. We call these domains mnTLDs (Micronational TLDs) in contrast to the traditional ccTLDs and gTLDs already in issue.

Jonah Aragon


Chase Brennon


Gabriel Young


What We Do

NationDNS is a not for profit organization that is coordinating and maintaining a massive effort to develop namespaces relating to micronations specifically.

Much of our work will be developing the technical backend and policies relating to the operation of a single DNS root zone that will allow your citizens access to not only your own domains and websites, but the rest of the micronational community’s. We are also operating the two primary authoritative root nameservers, in conjunction with partnered micronations.

At the moment we do not provide web hosting or services, however we have a few partnered organizations willing to provide custom services for micronations. NationDNS itself is merely a coordination organization to facilitate interconnectivity between individual micronational services.

What This Means

Joining NationDNS will immediately grant your nation a custom Top-Level Domain for your official websites, and for citizen usage. For example, the Kingdom of Atovia may be granted the mnTLD .av. This allows them to create an unlimited number of websites ending in .av, or create second level domains such as .gov.av or .com.av that can then themselves have certain restrictions or an unlimited number of sub-sites.

These domains can not only be used to host national websites, but also can be given or even sold to citizens for their own personal or business websites relating to your micronation, similar to how citizens of the United States or United Kingdom can register .us and .uk domains, respectively. For larger micronations, this can even provide a revenue source from their citizens!

mnTLDs are considered the property of their respective micronation, and micronations are free to do as they wish with them, as long as they follow certain operational policies set forth by the NationDNS administration. In return, NationDNS connects the mnTLD to the overall NationDNS root zone. This allows for all micronations connected to the root zone to access all other mnTLDs with no additional computer configuration required.

Technical Information

On the technical side, NationDNS is providing a fundamental resource for micronations: the custom DNS root zone. How it works is simple:

1. Micronations claim and develop their mnTLD

All technical configuration and setup is the sole responsibility of the partnered micronation. However, NationDNS is prepared to offer any technical support a micronation may require. In addition, some partnered organizations such as MNATIONS Hosting will be offering complete solutions, including DNS Zone hosting, Registrar Services, and Web Hosting for your mnTLD, Micronational Government, and citizens.

2. Citizens and Officials Connect to NationDNS

NationDNS’ mnTLDs will not be accessible to the general population. Your government officials and citizens will need to change their computer’s DNS settings to access the network. Luckily, this is a simple procedure, and official guides will be provided at launch. Why? ICANN has a monopoly on DNS worldwide. All Internet Service Providers and computers automatically connect to their root zone by default, which means that custom TLD providers either need to (1) partner with ICANN, which is a costly endeavour (requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars just to apply) or (2) develop a custom DNS resolver that users will need to manually configure themselves. This is the route we intend to take.

In the near future, NationDNS will provide public custom DNS resolvers. These resolvers connect directly to the NationDNS root zone, and will allow users to access any and all mnTLDs on the NationDNS network. This setup will not affect normal internet connectivity in any way: The NationDNS root zone includes all the traditional ICANN zones in addition to the NationDNS zones, so you will be able to access either option seamlessly. This does mean we have to place some restrictions on mnTLD availability, details further on.

In the long-term, we hope to partner with other premiere DNS root zones such as OpenNIC and even ICANN. These partnerships would allow users using their root zones to connect to mnTLDs, in addition to users on NationDNS’ public resolvers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to do this myself?

Anybody can create a custom TLD with relatively little effort. The benefit NationDNS provides is interconnectivity. By partnering with us, you will be able to access not only your own custom TLD, but the mnTLDs of all other partnered micronations.

NationDNS is not within the jurisdiction of any micronation and is not a biased development. Additionally, our leadership has experience in other alternative DNS root systems including OpenNIC, a DNS root that has been in operation since 2000. This experience allows us to build the best possible platform for intermicronational internet connectivity.

I have another question

 NationDNS is still developing this documentation and platform. If you have a question please reach out via any of our contact channels. Our team will be compiling the most frequently asked questions we recieve and will add them to this site in the future.

Discord: Micronation Development (#nationdns)

– Discord PM: @JonahAragon#1337

– Email ([email protected])

Partnership Information

There is a simple set of tasks to complete to become a NationDNS Partner Nation.

1. Getting Ready

Firstly, you will need to determine what you want your mnTLD string to be. This will be at the end of all your domains, and should be highly related to your micronation or highly recognizable. NationDNS does impose a few restrictions on names that will be included on our servers:

1. NationDNS is 100% compliant with ICANN’s ccTLD policy relating to ISO 3166-1. This policy states that any state included on the ISO 3166-1 list will get their two letter code provided as a TLD. As such, NationDNS will not provide mnTLDs that match any two or three letter code on the ISO 3166-1 list, available here. This is regardless of whether or not an actual ccTLD or gTLD exists using these codes.

2. NationDNS will not be creating TLDs that already exist on the ICANN network. The complete list of ICANN TLDs is available here.

3. If ICANN implements a ccTLD or gTLD in the future that conflicts with your TLD, their TLD will take precedence and yours will be removed from the NationDNS root zone until it is renamed. Renaming a TLD is a tedious task for all parties involved, therefore we highly recommend choosing a mnTLD that is highly unlikely to be claimed by ICANN in the future. So avoid generic strings. While we do allow micronations to use unclaimed two letter TLDs (not in ISO 3166-1), we recommend you choose a two letter domain in the User Assigned Code Elements list, or a unique 3+ letter domain.

4. Finally, your mnTLD cannot be already reserved by another micronation.

2. Getting In Touch

Once you’ve chosen your mnTLD, get in touch with a NationDNS administrator. We are reachable to first adopters in the following areas:

Micronation Development Discord

We are accessible on the Micronation Development Discord server in the #nationdns channel. This server is not only the home of our official Discord communications, but the top server to discuss a variety of topics relating to building your own micronation. Join the server using our invite link at: https://discord.gg/bqs2Df8. We are not responsible for any content outside of #nationdns.


We highly recommend all first adopters join us on Discord so we can communicate information and announcements in real time. However, you can contact Jonah Aragon at [email protected] with all the information we require to get you started. We will attempt to provide all relevant information and announcements via email but can’t guarantee timely delivery.

These forms of contact are temporary and will be replaced with an official discussion forum after we launch, but we thought it would be best to provide a more direct form of communication for this initial planning phase.





Aphelia Space Research Nation


Kingdom of Atovia


Kingdom of Brenonio


Republic of Cristellia


New Eiffel Government


Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall




Confederation of Mahuset




The Union of Millania and New Granada



Planned Timeline

Feb 24, 2019: Open reservations to our First Adopter group. These partnered micronations will be able to discuss NationDNS future development and ensure NationDNS is heading in a direction that is open and inclusive of all micronations, and aligned with our initial mission.

Mar 31, 2019: The First Adopter window will close. Micronations that wish to partner with NationDNS will now need to be invited by an existing NationDNS partner (First Adopter)

Q3 2019: The NationDNS root zone will enter operation, and public DNS resolvers will go online, allowing anybody to access mnTLDs that are configured at this point.

Q4 2019-Q1 2020: General Availability Partnerships will open. Micronations will again be able to freely partner with NationDNS at a different partnership agreement and fee schedule.

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